Must Have Goodies! Susan’s Picks

Full Again

Kevin Murphy or Volu Mist davines both natural lines that are absolutely wonderful for adding fullness and body to fine, straight, even thick & fly away hair types. Meant to use on damp hair just before blow drying. Not sticky very workable styling tools that gives your hair style great memory. A must!

Smooth Again

Kevin Murphy or Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid davines they are excellent for thick, course, frizzy hair types they hydrate, heat protected and smooth while giving beautiful shine to curling hair which it can lack because the cuticle layer isn't flat like straight hair so it does reflect light in the same way. The feel and shine of your hair is fabulous!

Both paraben free & very important animal cruelty free! A Must!

SuzE Cosmetics mineral makeup that protects, corrects and reveals your natural beauty!

Moisture Tint SPF 15 allows your skin to breath while preventing harmful rays that can damage your skin! Protects, Moisturizes and Restores your skin healthy radiant glow! In 4 wonderful colors deep, neutral, beige and fair

Some important very qualities...

  • Non Comedogenic
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • Natural sun protection
  • Light refractive properties that diminishes appearance of wrinkles & fine lines.

SuzE Lip Plumps, Lip Gloss, Lip Glass and Vitamin E Stick containing anti- oxidants ( which help prevent cell damage) emollients( which help soften the skin) and long lasting!

A very good beauty tip...

Always wearing something on our lips protects them from the elements so has we age our lips will stay on the outside of our face (where we really want them) LONGER:-)))